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Medium-light Roast

Amazingly rich.
Sweet crisp acidity.
Hints of toffee and toasted almonds.

High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the Caribbean coast of Colombia live a remarkable people called the Arhuaco. They believe that their land is the sacred beating heart of the Earth and that protecting it will keep the entire planet in balance. The coffee that grows in this pure sacred soil is every bit as remarkable as the people who nurture it. It has a sweet crisp acidity with hints of toffee and toasted almonds. Sales of their rich organic coffee enable the Arhuaco to buy medicine and send their children to school. They believe that, once again, the Earth has blessed them.


Coffee was probably first introduced to Colombia by the Jesuits in the early 1700’s. Rich volcanic soil and the pure water and fresh clear air of the high Andes create the perfect environment for coffee beans to grow and flourish. Almost all Colombian coffee is grown on small family farms and picked by hand. And all Colombian coffee is strictly graded for quality. Ours is the very finest grade.