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Medium-dark Roast

Delicious and complex.
Hints of citrus and blueberries.
Caramel and chocolate as it cools.

Ethiopia produces many beautiful coffees.
But one of them is truly legendary. It’s Yirgacheffe – a coffee so exquisite that it was the only coffee allowed in the palaces of the Ethiopian kings. And our Yirgacheffe selection is truly a revelation. It’s hugely fragrant and spicy with occasional hints of citrus and blueberries. And that’s just the beginning. Sweeter caramel and chocolate flavors start to develop as the cup cools down. Here’s a coffee that’s definitely fit for a king.


Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Legend has it that an Ethiopian goatherd named Kaldi noticed that his goats became unusually frolicsome after munching on the red berries of a coffee plant. He shared his discovery with the local monastery and soon no one had a problem staying awake during evening prayers. Ethiopia is still famous for producing some of the finest coffee in the world. And our very special Yirgacheffe may just be the best of them all.