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Of all the legendary coffees of the world, perhaps none is more revered and treasured than genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain®. In order to be certified by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica, authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain® must be grown in legally designated growing areas high in the Blue Mountains of eastern Jamaica. Dancing Moon is authentic unblended 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain®. You are about to experience one of the richest and smoothest coffees you’ve ever tasted. There’s nothing else like it in all the world.













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It is believed that Jamaican coffee is descended from a single seedling brought to Martinique by a French naval officer. Sir Nicholas Lawes, the Jamaican governor at that time, purchased descendants of that seedling, bringing coffee to Jamaica in 1725. Coffee grown in the chilly Blue Mountains of Jamaica takes twice as long to mature as coffee grown elsewhere which may contribute to its extraordinary flavor.

Available in 12 single serve cups box /4.65oz

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At Dancing Moon we believe that it’s important to share our good fortune with the community. That’s why we donate 5% of all our profits to the Semper Fi Fund. Benefiting injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Semper Fi Fund is one of the most worthwhile and highly rated charitable organizations in America.

Fair Trade Certified ™ products offer you a powerful way to help reduce poverty. Workers on Fair Trade farms are guaranteed safe working conditions while receiving sustainable wages that help them plan for their future. Dancing Moon seeks coffee that is Fair Trade Certified from wherever it is available.

USDA Certified Organic coffee is grown without harmful agrochemicals in favor of environmentally sustainable farming methods that protect farmers’ health and preserve valuable ecosystems.  Dancing Moon seeks coffee that is USDA Certified Organic from wherever it is available.

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