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Dark Roast

Intense, full-bodied flavor.
Overtones of tropical fruits and berries.
Bright acidity.

Grown on the pristine slopes of Mt. Kenya, Kirinyaga is widely regarded as one of the most complex and flavor-dense coffees in the world. With its rich aromatic oils, our Kenya Kirinyaga selection has an opulent, intense, full-bodied flavor that is accompanied by almost-sweet overtones of tropical fruits and berries. A bright acidity amplifies the bold flavor while making this very special Kenya uniquely refreshing.


Kenya’s rich red volcanic soil and a year-round climate much like a European summer make Kenya renowned for growing the finest Arabica coffee in the world. Most coffee in Kenya is grown on small farms that are organized into Co-ops. No matter where it’s grown, all Kenyan coffee must pass strict tests for quality required by the Coffee Board of Kenya. Ours is Kenya AA, the very highest grade.