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The Legend

Many ages ago before there was anyone to count the passing time, the Sun and the Moon had a terrible argument. They had always lived together in perfect harmony, but one day the proud Sun became jealous of the Moon’s great beauty. So they decided to separate and divide time into two parts. This made the Sun very happy. But the Moon was very sad. Then one morning, just as the Sun was waking up, a big dark cloud covered his face. For a few brief moments the Sun and the Moon were together again in the sky. The Moon was so happy some people said it did a little dance. The Sun didn’t want to admit it, but he was happy too. So ever since that time they decided to be together twice a day. And sometimes, if you look at just the right moment, you’ll see that it seems the Moon is still dancing.

We invite you to celebrate such timeless friendships with someone you love and a delicious cup of Dancing Moon Coffee.

Coffee Lore / Illustrated

Coffee Lore #1

Bubbles in the middle of your

Coffee Lore #2

“The bitter invention of Satan.”

Coffee Lore #3

Scare away witches and ghosts

Coffee Lore #4

In Turkey they believe

Coffee Lore #5

Romanian superstition that if you spill

Coffee Lore #6

Catch them with your spoon and eat them

Coffee Lore #7

Bad luck to stir coffee
with a knife

Coffee Lore #8

In 17th century Finland, coffee was sold

Coffee Lore #9

The scent of brewing coffee repels

Coffee Lore #10

Never wash a coffee mug if

Coffee Lore #11

Don’t throw away your coffee grounds

Coffee Lore #12

If a girl spills coffee