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Dancing Moon Coffee Sumatra Mandheling
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Dark Roast

Three times the
Antioxidant power of green tea.
Naturally low in acid.

Once believed to be lost in the jungles of Sumatra, this legendary coffee was finally rediscovered after 100 years of searching. Rescued from its hiding place in the jungle undergrowth, these ancient Arabica coffee trees were replanted in the Mandheling Province of West Sumatra. Full-bodied, strikingly earthy, and delightfully complex, Sumatra Mandheling is extremely high in antioxidants. Each delicious cup of this very special Mandheling gives you almost three times the antioxidant power of green tea.


Europe fell in love with Sumatran coffee in the early 1700’s when majestic sailing ships brought sacks of the precious beans into the port of Amsterdam. At first, only the wealthiest could afford this rare and very special coffee. Even today, most Sumatran coffee is grown by the landholders of small farms only a few acres in size. Many of them use traditional drying methods that help create the oddly unique flavor of Sumatran coffee.