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Best kcups ever!

Usually kcups are weak/taste watery but not these. These are definitely the best I’ve ever had! I used the “small cup” setting because I like my coffee strong. Very pleased! Tastes very close to a cup from a traditional brewed pot.

Best coffee

There are no words how delicious this coffee is… amazingly fantastic!

Novel and fresh

An unusual, adventuresome taste from a surprisingly restrained roast. A lot less carbon and ash than most Sumatra on the market. The beans are fresh but not so much so that a week/days wait is needed before they're good for brewing. Packaging is sturdy and distinctive.

Treat Yourself!!

I love coffee, and prefer my German brands over others, but decided to give this a try. Holy cow - this coffee has a beautiful rich taste without being acidic, and the crema is unlike any I've ever seen before. I have the Breville Oracle Touch, so I grind and brew every cup fresh, and I think that makes a difference, but even if you don't grind your own, it's probably still worth buying the ground version. I love this coffee, and as a special treat or gift for a fellow coffee lover, you can't beat this.

Great flavor.

Very good cup of coffee!!


I'm very pleased with this coffee. Dark and rich, will definitely order more

Alll I hoped for in a cup of Joe.

If only they all went back to 1 pound size


It is delicious! I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he has been drinking it non stop. Wonderful smell and flavor!

This is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted.

This is a truly exceptional coffee. The beans were fresh, oily, robust with a smooth earthy and woody flavor that greets the palate like an old friend's embrace. I brewed with a Bunn drip coffee machine with white paper filter and medium grind just before brewing. Nothing complicated or overly fancy. I was surprised. I never imagined it would be this good. 10/10.


Strong and robust flavor

Smooth, especially for a dark roast

Let me start off by saying my wife isn’t a fan of home brewed coffee. She says I brew it too strong or I like roasts that are darker than she prefers. That being said, she really liked this coffee when I made it. This dark roast is so smooth, you’d think it was a medium roast. It has a clean finish and lacks the nasty aftertaste you sometimes get from a strong bean. Even though it’s a dark roast, the flavor of the bean itself comes through. I will def buy this again, as well as try other options from this company! Get yourself a bag, the price is awesome for the quality

Good coffee

Fresh tasting like it should be