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Exquisite coffee excellent company!

I have tried them all and this is the best 100% Blue Mountain coffee.
This has all the certifications and seals to guarantee it is real.
Taste is wonderfully smooth without any bitterness.
Great black, or with what ever you want to add. My favorite is vanilla surup (small amount) and a bit of creamer.
You will not be sorry if you try this.
I now have a subscription.

Not received my coffee yet

One of the best!

Smooth, balanced, clean. My favorite!

Wifey's favorite!

This is hard to come by so we're really glad we could get it directly from Dancing Moon.

Not very impressed

I was disappointed by the coffee. It was smooth but so isn't water. Not an impressive flavor. But I am willing to try the Blend at some point. This is not a coffee I would recommend for the price. Perhaps a more sensitive palette would enjoy this more.

100% JAMAICA BLUE MOUNTAIN® Whole Bean Coffee - 12 oz Bag


We have really enjoyed this coffee. It’s hard to find a good Jamaican coffee! We’ll definitely buy again! Highly recommend.

Excellent coffee
Glad to see it’s available in the U.S


I got to taste this brand while we were in Jamaica on a cruise. To say that I fell in love is just an understatement. As soon as we got back home, I started researching and found that this brand makes k cups! I’ve never ordered something so fast! It doesn’t give off the weakness of a regular k cup either! It very much has full on flavor!

Jamaica blue mountain

It lives up to what has been said about it as one of the best coffees in the world !

Best JBM

I’ve had other JBM blends and this is by far my favorite.

I've been buying this coffee for several years and found out why it's called the best in the world its smooth never bitter and a flavor that's complex but not overpowering . I WILL DEFINITELY BE BUYING THIS ON REGULAR BASIS.



The 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain K Cups are amazing! You can get a coupon when you sign up.

Hands down the best true Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee available in a k-cup!

Best kcups ever!

Usually kcups are weak/taste watery but not these. These are definitely the best I’ve ever had! I used the “small cup” setting because I like my coffee strong. Very pleased! Tastes very close to a cup from a traditional brewed pot.

Best coffee

There are no words how delicious this coffee is… amazingly fantastic!

Novel and fresh

An unusual, adventuresome taste from a surprisingly restrained roast. A lot less carbon and ash than most Sumatra on the market. The beans are fresh but not so much so that a week/days wait is needed before they're good for brewing. Packaging is sturdy and distinctive.

Treat Yourself!!

I love coffee, and prefer my German brands over others, but decided to give this a try. Holy cow - this coffee has a beautiful rich taste without being acidic, and the crema is unlike any I've ever seen before. I have the Breville Oracle Touch, so I grind and brew every cup fresh, and I think that makes a difference, but even if you don't grind your own, it's probably still worth buying the ground version. I love this coffee, and as a special treat or gift for a fellow coffee lover, you can't beat this.

Great flavor.

Very good cup of coffee!!


I'm very pleased with this coffee. Dark and rich, will definitely order more

Alll I hoped for in a cup of Joe.

If only they all went back to 1 pound size


It is delicious! I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he has been drinking it non stop. Wonderful smell and flavor!

This is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted.

This is a truly exceptional coffee. The beans were fresh, oily, robust with a smooth earthy and woody flavor that greets the palate like an old friend's embrace. I brewed with a Bunn drip coffee machine with white paper filter and medium grind just before brewing. Nothing complicated or overly fancy. I was surprised. I never imagined it would be this good. 10/10.